Focus on our future-

Focus on our future

Its about the topics of the future that stimulates our creativity. No matter if it is about hardwood, earthquake security in buildings or "just" the evolution of existing products. Schmid Schrauben is not just at the pulse of time, but creates the future of our business.

Hardwood Screw - RAPID Hardwood
As the market first manufacturer since 2018 Schmid Schrauben offers a special product to be used in hard timber. the big advantage of the screw is: It can be used without predrilling - ETA approved. This saves a lot time at the construction side and a lot of money for the construction owner.

Earthquake security in buildings
Schmid Schrauben ist researching for solutions to make constructions saver in areas with a lot tectonic activity.

Using timber is active climate protection.
While concrete buildings are emiting tons of CO2 during building - timber does the opposit. Timber does conserve CO2 and therefore helps to reach climate targets. Timber is not just more cosy and friedly than concrete but also timber is a great preserve of CO2. At the end of the lifecycle timber can even be used to generate energy again and replaces fossil energy.


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